maanantai 17. maaliskuuta 2014

My Top 10 Artists According Last.Fm

I was going through my Last.Fm profile today and decided to share my all-time top ten artists with you guys! I haven't been talking much about my music taste, so maybe this tells something about it. I'm gonna list all artists down below and add one example track from each for you to listen. You can also check my Last.Fm HERE if you are interested! Do you have any favorite artists that you would like to share with me?

#1 Lana Del Rey

#2 Marina & The Diamonds

#3 Capsule

#4 Veronica Maggio

#5 Natalia Kills

#6 2NE1

#7 M.I.A.

#8 Ayumi Hamasaki

#9 Nicki Minaj

#10 SHINee

All for now!! See you soon!!

keskiviikko 5. maaliskuuta 2014

Back To The Black

For about last 7 years I was certainly sure that I will never ever wanna dye my hair back to the black again. I guess I was still kinda traumatized because of my looks back in the days as an early teenager with the black hair and the horrendous style choices I made then. Anyhow after all these years with bleaching, uneven blonds/ light browns, breaking and damaged hair I just got completely fed up with all the trouble and decided to give a shot for a black hair after all! To be honest one of the best choices I have made recently cause I haven't regretted it for a single moment. I feel it suits me actually even better than blond maybe? What do you think about this change? Here's my most recent Instagram picture from my account @vividalex to show you results.

When it comes to the socializing I have been glad too to see my friend Sso Hyun Jun from Seoul who I met last summer when I went to play pool with friends at Biljardpalatset in Stockholm. Been so nice to spend time after so long time and hear the news that she might actually be moving to the Sweden next summer for good! 

I enjoyed nice lunch buffet at Pong restaurant with her last week and even the picture does not tell that much, food was really delicious and absolutely worth trying if you pass the place! I have been eating in Pong several times and never been unsatisfied with meal so far!

She also invited me for a Korean barbecue night with her friends. I have never been eating much Korean style food, but this was really delicious. Deal was to dip pork meat in spicy sauce, place it on the salad leaf of the choice, add some rice, fried garlic, maybe kimchi and stuff the packet in your mouth. Simple, nice and super delicious! I was peeking in the kitchen how to prepare all the dishes so I think I have to try make this at home too.

One more food related thing in this post is a Marabous Oreo chocolate! As weird it must sound I'm not a big fan of the chocolate and especially not the Marabou chocolate cause it's really sweet for my taste but this combo is a real killer in my opinion! If you have it available try in case you already haven't cause it's my current favorite.

All for now!! See you soon!!

perjantai 20. joulukuuta 2013

Have A Spoon In Your Make Up Bag

While scrolling trough tumblr today I encountered this video and I just had to share it with my readers, incase you haven't seen it already! In the video she shows how to use a regular and daily household item, a spoon to help you fix your make up more easily. I didn't try out all the tricks but after watching the video, I tried the part where she uses a spoon to prevent smudging mascara while spreading it to the lower lashes and it worked perfectly! It's usually where I mess up mostly cause I have so light and nonexistent lower lashes, but with this trick it was super quick and easy. Check out whole video to see all her advices how to use a spoon as a help tool when doing make up.

All for now!! See you soon!!